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Relationship Between Media and Ethnic Minorities

Connection Between Media and Ethnic Minorities Presentation At present, the connection between the media and ethnic minorities has become a key issue, and an extraordinary number of educators have done heaps of moderately look into on this point (Entman and Rojecki, 2000). In addition, media has been contended that they give a general negative depiction of racial minority gathering. Thusly, this report expects to basically break down this contention. This investigation starts with outline the hypothesis of ethnic minorities, particularly the racial minority gathering. At that point, the media depictions of the racial were dissected, which centered around breaking down the Black individuals and Islam bunches news classifications based on explore confirmations. At long last, this report likewise focuses that the columnists who filling in as the media creators additionally give the negative portrayals of the racial minority gathering. THE CONCEPT OF ENTHNIC MINORITIES Each nation or enormous society contains ethnic minorities. They have their own way of life, language, culture and religions, which are particular from different networks (Adeno, 2002). Additionally, the economic wellbeing of the ethnic minority isn't just identifying with the numerical yet in addition connecting to the political force (Cottle, 2000). In particular, the ethnic minorities have the accompanying highlights: They have littler populace than the remainder of the number of inhabitants in the state They situated as a non-predominant gathering in the state They have their own religion, language, culture and so forth that are unique in relation to the national individuals Their individuals have a will to keep on having their explicitness Their individuals are the resident of the state, yet additionally have a place with the minority (Greenberg and Brand, 1994). Clearly, they are not having a predominant position, and self-assurance is the key issue for them (Cottle, 2000). That implies ethnic minorities are a little gathering of individuals that have their particular individual practices in the state. RACIAL MINORITY GROUP At present, there is no end or accord about how to characterize, comprehend and dissect race (Audrey and Brian, 2005). Based on the chronicled explore, race was set apart by their physical or phonotypical appearance that was unmistakable from the social gatherings (Levi-Strauss, 1996).Furthermore, Malik (2001) thinks race is a physical structure that has some basic hereditary qualities of the populace. That implies racial individuals are not the same as the national individuals in skin hues, convictions and customs, language they talk, etc. They are a little gathering existing in the state and not quite the same as the other national individuals. MEDIA PORTRAYALS OF RACIAL MINORITY GROUP The media assumes a noteworthy job in giving the portrayal of the racial minority gathering to the general population (Law, 2002). This part for the most part centers around dissecting the depictions of racial minority that are given by the media. Dark AS A PROBLEM AND A THREAT Generally, the US news inclusion of blacks has charactericticsed as the individuals were lazier, less smart, not so much good but rather more inclined to wrongdoing than Whites (Stokes and Reading, 1999, p191). Additionally, as the primary West Indian workers showed up at Empire Windrush in 1948 and the quantity of Black individuals occupant in Britain has expanded to more than one million. The word outsider has been an equivalent word for Black in spite of the fact that there has an enormous number of white migrations at a similar period. Hence, a great many people would consider the ascent of the Black individuals when they see the feature of IMMIGRANT BIRTHS UP (Bashi, 2004). Besides, most white individuals respect dim pigmentation partner with earth, neediness, low economic wellbeing, low knowledge, creature sexuality, crudeness, savagery and a general inadequacy, because of this the white individuals likewise interface foreigners with bothersome practices together, for example, robbing, hoodlums, agitators and so on (Hartmann and Husband, 1974, p202). Besides, countless Britains standard medias depiction racial minority bunch in a negative manner in the feature: Day by day Express: MORE ASAINS ON THE WAY TO JOIN 4-STAR MIGRANTS Day by day Mail: WE WANT MORE MONEY SAY 600-A-WEEK MIGRANTS Day by day Telegraph: MIGRANTS HERE JUST FOR THE WELFARE HANDOUTS Sun: ASAINS OFF TO THE WORKHOUSE The Times: HOMELESS ASAINS LIKELY TO BE MOVED TO WORKHOUSE BY END OF WEEK COUNCIL SAYS (Gurevitch et al, 1982). Clearly, these reports show that the word foreigner speaks to the racial individuals, and every one of the paper has utilized negative words in the title text to portray the report about racial settlers. As a result of this, the perusers have fabricated racial generalization of foreigner reports, which implies they structure an antagonistic feeling of migrants equivalent to Colored individuals, and they will think Black or other minorities individuals when they see the word migration (Campbell, 1971). This perusers contrary impression about racial individuals is because of the enormous number of negative media inclusions. Also, a study identifies with the detailing of individuals from migration shows that 61% of the substance was negative (Fowler, 1991). These illuminate that the media precisely give negative depiction of racial. Besides, Sivanandan (2001) showed that the media has disparaged the Blacks. As a result of these antagonistic depictions of the racial minority gathering, t he crowds will seem racial individuals when they see the word migration in the paper or on the TV. Dennis and Pease (2000, p21) additionally referenced that the news identified with workers are in every case awful, for instance, a paper from New York depict the title text in this wayIn December 1993, a Jamaican outsider killed six suburbanites and injured 17 others in a busy time slaughter. That shows obviously the media interface the racial minority with the negative words slaughter in the feature as opposed to just depict the occasion. Along these lines, the media has given a negative portrayal of the racial minority gathering. Dark CRIMINALS REPORTINGS As indicated by a media examine by the US social researchers, the center reports of Black individuals in the TV and film is generally associate with viciousness, wrongdoing, malady and some other negative words (Anwar and Shang, 1992). For instance, a film named Menace to Society that made by a Black man, which was brimming with injury and negative depiction of Black men. Furthermore, another film Colors depict Black men as creatures and they participate in rough without feeling (Barry, 1993). Besides, the software engineer of Cold Case depictions Black guilty parties as abhorrent when they have perpetrated a homicide, while white wrongdoers were spoken to as cunning even clever hoodlums (Hall, 2008). Regarding TV and film, Black men are consistently portrayaled in an absolutely negative manner, and this has caused the crowd to have a racial generalization. Moreover, contrasted and the white wrongdoers, dark individuals were constantly portrayed as inept guilty parties in the TV or f ilm. In the US, how the media speak to the race minority bunch has become a key issue. For instance, the columnists not just give the reports about dark people, they likewise pick models that will portray the class of dark Americans and be contrasted with whites pictures of themselves (Braham, 2007). In this way, this causes the perusers to have a negative racial generalization of race minority gathering. In addition, based on two informational indexes (ABC, CBS, and NBC evening news programs taped during January, February, and March, 1990, and a lot of full verbatim transcripts of the ABC evening news for a whole year), the specialists found that the media has spoken to dark as the wellspring of difficulty and the information was appeared in table 3.2.1: This table outlines unmistakably about the news inclusion of blacks. The most incessant news inclusion about dark was wrongdoing in the neighborhood news press, and the third most normal subject identified with dark was casualties, which shows dark has a non-predominant status in the state. Also, the news inclusion identify with wrongdoing and casualty represent 46.4%, which take about portion of the revealing depiction blacks as the dangers to American culture. Further, as indicated by the information investigation result, practically 60% of reports center around negative speaking to about dark occasions, and furthermore the governmental issues detailing give non-positive messages to the blacks (Karnig, 2007). Regarding wrongdoing news, there is a huge distinctive between media depictions on blacks and whites, 77% of reports about dark are worried about vicious or medication wrongdoing, while 42% about white violations (Riggins, 1992). This distinction shows the media depiction the mind lion's share of dark reports identify with brutal, tranquilize wrongdoing or other negative words. In addition, the neighborhood news study found that the blacks are twice more than whites appeared in the physical handle of a cop (Mirrless, 2006). Accordingly, picture of blacks are more compromising than the white in light of the fact that the media announcing. ISLAM AS TERRORISTS As per examine by Richardson (2004), the information shows that the negative words consistently show up in the Islam news, which represent almost 97%. In the USA, the media speak to a general negative picture of Islam after 9-11 occasions. Times magazine examinations 140 reports (2003 May 5 to November 24) about the Islamic world after the finish of the war in Iraq, and depicts as a rough dread, numbness and backwardness of the Islamic world, even depiction as the origin of a demon for Americans (Gerges, 2004). For todays US and European open, Islam is specific horrendous news. Also, both the media and government depiction the Islam is a danger to Western human advancement (Poole, 2002). Likewise, Times gives a few significant subjects in the Islam detailing: the main significant topic is abouthe fear based oppressor associations, psychological oppressors, fear monger assaults and counter-fear mongering tasks, which representing 36.4; second significant topic post-war circumstance in Iraq that representing 22.9; third topic representing 11.4% that identifies with the tyr

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The Contrasts between Hayden and Stevens Essay -- Poetry Analysis

Both Robert Hayden’s sonnet â€Å"Those Winter Sundays† and Wallace Stevens’ sonnet â€Å"The Plain Sense of Things† portray various parts of what characterizes house and home. Albeit a home can be a house, a house doesn't generally mean a home. This distinction, among different variables, relates with how the two writers play on the passionate feelings between a house loaded with individuals and a solitary house in the forested areas. While Hayden looks to depict how one’s house is a home in view of a father’s love-filled activity, Stevens outlines a house’s change from a home for individuals to a home for the common world. In spite of the fact that the writers utilize two distinct tones for their separate sonnets, both characterize what a home could rely on. â€Å"Those Winter Sundays† delineates the speaker’s cherished memory of Sunday church mornings. The speaker clarifies that his dad, notwithstanding working outside the remainder of the week to accommodate his family, would go outside early mornings to recover kindling to warm the home. Just when the warmth from the fire would warm the entire house and he cleaned his son’s church shoes, would the speaker’s father wake the family from their sleep. Nobody indicated their thankfulness for this activity that showed the father’s love for his family. The speaker shows profound remorse from his lack of interest toward his dad, which he finishes up was from being youthful and naã ¯ve. In line 5 (â€Å"No one at any point expressed gratitude toward him†) and in line 10 (â€Å"Speaking aloofly to him†) the speaker unequivocally expresses that during those occasions he didn't especially mind whether his dad set aside the effort to warm the house, clean his great shoes and afterward wake him up for chapel. At the time the speaker may have been frightful of his folks battling, showdown or shouting tha... ...s and downs. Both â€Å"These Winter Sundays† and â€Å"The Plain Sense of Things† set out to depict what the speaker feels a house is, regardless of whether it’s where one’s family is or where life lives in. Either sonnet takes complex detail utilizing the seasons to help mirror the basic feelings of the poem’s voice alongside champion lines that help the peruser realize what the speaker plans to state, why they state it and how they decide to state it. Hayden and Stevens make a pleasant showing of passing on a specific sense without being strongly express. Works Cited Hayden, Robert. â€Å"These Winter Sundays†. Sonnets, Poets, Poetry: An Introduction and Anthology. Ed. Karen S. Henry. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins, 2010. 6. Print. Stevens, Wallace. â€Å"The Plain Sense of Things†. Sonnets, Poets, Poetry: An Introduction and Anthology. Ed. Karen S. Henry. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins, 2010. 8. Print.

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A report which describes a business scenario which will benefit from Essay

A report which portrays a business situation which will profit by interest in the web - Essay Example The use of eCommerce encourages a business for assortment of information, breaking down client base and nature of industry, electronic reserve move, flexibly chain and stock administration, online exchanges just as deals and promoting exercises quickly. The framework likewise permits buyers from any side of the worldwide town to determine benefits emerging out of the items and administrations presented by the organization applying eCommerce in its business. In this paper, use of eCommerce will be fused to a genuine business so as to screen how the business can be profited by expanding usage of web based, web-confronting data innovation framework. With the end goal of examination, a speculative organization â€Å"XL Learning Solutions† has been chosen for assessing how the company’s business principles change through utilization of web, all the more explicitly eCommerce in its business procedure. XL Learning Solutions is an acclaimed instructional exercise and private instructive establishment arranged at Southampton, United Kingdom. The instructional exercise is controlled by a gathering of 5 famous teachers of the city and is notable for its application arranged learning draws near. Aside from managing instructive educational plan, it additionally endeavors to upgrade conduct abilities and character advancement exercises so as to guarantee generally improvement of the understudies. Essential specialized abilities, for example, application MS Office and other important programming are additionally prepared so as to empower the understudies to have a basic thought on PC applications so that the students’ establishment of information can be reinforced. The instructional exercise is so mainstream in the city that its wide run understudy base has been created distinctly through referral framework, with no limited time exercises or some other endeavors from the administrat ion of the association. In any case, the administration is seeing since long that numerous understudies from different pieces of the nation are yearning to take administrations gave by

Unemployment During The Recession Economics Essay

Joblessness During The Recession Economics Essay The joblessness rate is one of the key factors that approach producers are keen on. There are various reasons for joblessness and it is extremely hard for governments to figure out which causes are generally significant and how to manage them. The two fundamental kinds of reasons for joblessness can be part as request sided and gracefully sided. The joblessness has both financial and noneconomic costs (McConnell and Brue, 2005). The monetary expenses of joblessness are; (I) decline in pay and yield which is estimated as far as the GNP hole and, (ii) weight of joblessness isn't circulated similarly among workers particularly during downturn periods (Petroff, 2002). Then again, loss of self-assurance, social and political clashes can be considered a portion of the noneconomic expenses of joblessness (McConnell and Brue, 2005). Along these lines, it is critical to examine causes and results of joblessness particularly during downturn period. Joblessness during Recession Since Industrial Revolution, the whole world economy has increased a force. This force has prompted monetary development an expansion in personal satisfaction. In any case, this energy hasnt demonstrated congruity. Nations have encountered many high points and low points in their monetary exercises since they industrialized. These here and there developments in monetary exercises or underway level are known as business or financial cycle (Parkin, 2012; Abel et al., 2008). There are two principle times of the business cycle (Parkin, 2012); extension and downturn. A development is a period which speaks to an expansion in the monetary exercises and creation level of an economy/nation (Burda and Wyplosz, 2001). Opposite, downturn is an all-inclusive timespan when the monetary exercises and total national output (GDP) of a country are easing back or tumbling down (Abel et al, 2008; Harris, 2002). These exercises are including level of work, speculations, family unit pay, business benefits and swelling rate. In a business or financial cycle, downturn happens among pinnacle and trough focuses. It is otherwise called a business cycle withdrawal. This is spoken to in the Figure 1. - Causes of Recession: Negative Demand and Supply Shocks As per Abel et al. (2008), two fundamental driver of monetary downturn are negative total interest stun (ADS) and negative total gracefully stun (ASS). A negative ADS is an abrupt occasion that diminishes the total interest in an economy (Burda and Wyplosz, 2001). There are a few explanations behind this kind of negative stun. It by and large happens on account of tight financial and fiscal strategies (Abel et al., 2008). Government sets high charges and diminishes government uses to diminish the inflationary weights. Then again, these approaches can causes a fall in the total interest and accordingly monetary downturn happens. The downturn that United Kingdom (UK) experienced during 1980-81 was brought about by close financial and money related arrangements (Pettinger, 2012). There were high assessment rates, low government use, and high financing costs for decreasing spending, utilization and venture. The UK government was applied these tight strategies for decreasing the inflation ary weights which was shaped in the late of 1980s. Swelling had fallen however the expense of these arrangements was the financial downturn. Traditional financial analysts propose that the negative ADS don't cause proceeded with changes in yield level (Burda and Wyplosz, 2001). Nonetheless, they see that a negative ASS is a significant purpose for the basic changes in yield and work level (Burda and Wyplosz, 2001). A negative flexibly stun or a negative creation stun is an unforeseen occasion that diminishes the total gracefully in an economy/nation (Abel et al., 2008). A negative ASS causes an internal move over the long haul total gracefully (LRAS) bend of an economy (Abel et al., 2008). In figure 2, there is an internal move in the LRAS bend on account of a negative gracefully stun. It is lessening full-work yield from Q1 to Q2 and build the value level from P1 to P2. This adjustment in the value level speaks to that a negative gracefully stun makes costs ascend during the downturn. A portion of this present reality instances of negative gracefully stuns are; changes in climate, for example, an unforeseen chilly climate; changes in the structure of businesses, for example, converging of at least two predominant organizations (Abel et al., 2008). Here and there, the predominant providers combine for expanding their market power. By along these lines, they can limit flexibly and set more significant expenses for making more benefit. This present reality impression of this occurred in 1970s by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) where individuals were forced an oil ban and afterward expanded oil costs. At the point when the oil costs rise, firms st arted to deliver less since the expense of creation was increment autonomously from total interest. During oil value stun, work request, business and genuine compensation rate had fallen (Carlstrom and Fuerst, 2006). A negative flexibly stun diminishes the amount of work requested at some random genuine compensation rate and causes an internal move in the work request bend (Abel et al., 2008). In figure 3, the negative gracefully stun causes a fall in the work advertise balance from direct A toward B. At the new harmony both genuine pay and business level falls. This chart additionally mirrors the impacts of oil value stun on the work advertise. - Supply Side Factors During downturn the two organizations and people will in general save their financial belts and this causes pessimistic consequences for the degree of creation and thusly requests for work decline. In this way, during downturn joblessness ends up being one of the serious issues on both government and society. A portion of the joblessness during downturn base on flexibly side variables like individual transferable aptitudes, work searcher look into channel, word related portability (work abilities), and land versatility (Adams et al., 2000). For instance; in UK, monetary structure is diverting to support based from assembling based economy (Parkin, 2012). The fundamental explanation of this basic change is globalization and worldwide exchange understandings. As indicated by Parkin (2012), UK has totally lost its cost points of interest in assembling merchandise since the expense of creation is a lot less expensive in Eastern Europe nations. Basic changes lead essential and optional pa rt laborers lose their positions and huge numbers of them can't secure new positions since they dont have important abilities for working in administration areas, for example, budgetary assistance establishments and data innovation. Notwithstanding, in any event, when economy is working at full limit, there is some joblessness that causes by the flexibly side components. This is commonly known as the normal pace of joblessness or balance joblessness (Blink and Dorton, 2007). The common pace of joblessness exists when the work advertise is in harmony (Abel et al., 2008). In figure 4, the absolute work power (TLF) in an economy and total gracefully of work (ASL), which represents the quantity of individuals who are happy to work at each given compensation rate, are introduced. The distinction between focuses an and b is regular pace of joblessness. The normal pace of joblessness is the blend of frictional and auxiliary joblessness (Abel et al., 2008). Frictional joblessness happens when representatives exit their positions for securing progressively appropriate position openings so as to fulfill their profession and pay desires (Parkin, 2012). While workers are scanning for new openings, there is in every case som e frictional joblessness in the economy. The poor occupation data may lead this looking through procedure to take longer than what the representatives expected and subsequently workers may lose their inspirations for securing new positions. Joblessness benefits are likewise a factor that influence the motivation to not to work. Additionally, auxiliary joblessness happens when the structure or creation strategies for an industry are changed so as to stay up with changes in purchasers tastes and new creation procedures (Sloman, 2004). Auxiliary joblessness is commonly known as the drawn out joblessness since laborers must retrain or they may need to move for remaining at their present employments or securing new positions (Parkin, 2012). Then again, the money related and mental expenses of retraining and movement lead basic joblessness that contains geological and word related stability. Lodging costs are one of the most significant money related issues that cause geological idleness. For instance; in London, the dynamic capital city life makes more openings for work than in the North of England, however lodging costs and leases are substantially more costly than in the North of England. In this way, a few specialists may like to take joblessness benefits and remaining at their neighborhoods as opposed to pay ing high leases or purchasing costly houses in London. This causes topographical idleness. An expansion in joblessness rate additionally expands the weight of the legislature. High joblessness implies an expansion in the aggregate sum of joblessness benefits that administrations need to pay. Because of an expansion in joblessness rate, governments incomes fall. In this way, it causes spending deficiencies. So as to diminish the pace of joblessness, government may utilize both gracefully side and request side strategies. The principle point of the gracefully side polices is to make work power increasingly responsive and adaptable against the adjustments in openings for work (Sloman, 2004). In any case, if there is absence of total interest, gracefully side strategies can be ineffectual. Along these lines, for accomplishing increasingly compelling outcomes government can bolster gracefully side arrangements by utilizing request side approaches just as financial and fiscal strategies. End As of late, downturn become one of the serious issues that the whole world economies experienced. It is unavoidable for governments to take certain measures to decide the reasons for financial downturn. It tends to be

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Ivy League Admission Stats

Ivy League Admission Stats April 2, 2012 All eight Ivy League colleges arent boasting tougher admission rates this year. Only five of them. Weve got the  Ivy League admission stats for the Class of 2016 for you as reported by the newspapers of the eight Ivy League colleges. Curious to know the number of applications that Brown University received this year? Or the acceptance rate at Columbia University as compared to last year? Weve got all that information for you right here. Enjoy! Brown University received 28,742 applications this year. Of those 28,742 applicants, 9.6% earned admission to Brown. Based on these preliminary numbers, this marks a year in which Browns admission rate didnt get more difficult. It got easier. You read that right! Last year, for the Class of 2015, Browns admission rate was 8.7%. So if youre reading headlines about how all of the Ivy League colleges got even tougher to get into this year, know that its a bit of hyperbole! Yale University received 28,974 applications this admissions cycle. Of those 28,974 applicants, 6.8% of them earned admission to Yale. The admission rate for Yales Class of 2015? 7.4%. So Yales admission rate got a bit lower indeed. At Princeton, 26,664 applications were received of which 7.9% earned admission. The admission rate at Princeton last year? 8.4%. So it got a bit lower at Princeton, too. At Columbia, 31, 818 applications were received this year. And 7.4% got in. This is compared to an admission rate of 6.9% last year. So the admission rate didnt drop at Columbia but instead went the other way. At Cornell, 37,812 students applied and 16.2% got offers of admission. This is compared to 18% of Cornell applicants last year. At Penn, 31,216 students applied and 12.3% of them got in. This figure is the exact figure as last years number for the Class of 2015 except that for the Class of 2015, 31,659 candidates applied for admission at Penn. If Penn had admitted the same number of students that they admitted for the Class of 2015, the overall acceptance rate would have increased this year. At Harvard, 34,285 students applied for admission and 5.9% received offers of admission. This figure was 6.2% last year for the Class of 2015. And at Dartmouth College, 23,110 students applied for admission. Of these applicants, 9.4% were admitted, marking a more competitive year than last year when the figure stood at 9.7%. So, based on admission rates alone, five Ivy League colleges got tougher this year (Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Princeton, and Cornell), two got easier (Brown and Columbia), and one stayed the same (Penn). When you read in the news that all of the Ivies got tougher to get into this year, remember that this isnt true for all eight. Its true only for five. Check out our very popular Ivy League Statistics, the ultimate source of Ivy League stats on the web!

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Yield at Yale

Yield at Yale September 3 Ivy Coach is featured on the pages of todays Yale Daily News, the newspaper of Yale University. Ivy Coach is featured today in The Yale Daily News, the newspaper of Yale University. A piece entitled Yield drops, diversity increases for class of 2019 by Tyler Foggatt focuses on how Yales yield (the percentage of students who choose to matriculate to the university after being admitted) dropped by about two percentage points this year. Although it is the second highest yield rate in the universitys long history! Last years yield for Yale was 71.7% (a record) and this years yield is 69.5%. Is this cause for concern for the university? No way. As  we are quoted in the piece, Brian Taylor, director of Ivy Coach, a New York-based college consulting firm, said slight decreases in yield from one year to the next are extremely common, and not something that colleges should necessarily look into. There’s a lot of things to worry about in this world, Taylor said. A two-percent drop in yield is not one of them.According to Taylor, small factors like whether or not it rains during Bulldog Days can have an impact on yield. If a student visits New Haven and the weather is gloomy, he said, they might be more impressed by Stanford or another school located in a warmer region. If you track the relationship between yield and weather at Bulldog Days, and at Dartmouth’s visiting days too, the rain definitely has an effect, Taylor said, referring partly to this year’s Bulldog Days, which were plagued by rain. Yes, rain during Bulldog Days sure can impact the universitys yield. If its rainy, students wont be out tossing frisbees and smiling. This makes a difference and the fact that it rained during this years Bulldog Days might well be the cause for the two percentage drop. Dont agree? If not, why do you think Yales yield dropped a bit this year. Were curious to hear from our readers.

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Personal Statement Richard, And Rich s Continued...

I am writing this letter to you as I am very concerned about Richard not getting the counseling that he needs, Rich’s ongoing parental alienation with Richard, and Rich’s continued manipulation of the situation. Richard was not present at his first court-appointed therapist appointment yesterday. Rich called minutes before the appointment start time and told the counselor, Stephen Kavanagh L.M.H.C., that the bus was running late and rescheduled the 1:30pm weekly appointment to the following week at 2:30pm, which is a bi-weekly appointment, not a weekly appointment. Rich had previously agreed to weekly counseling appointments with Richard but unilaterally changed the weekly appointments to bi-weekly appointments at 2:30pm without any input or consideration of myself, when the appointments are supposed to be counseling to improve Richard and my relationship. I didn’t even know that the new appointment time was a bi-weekly appointment until we were having a meeting with Tracy Johnston and I inquired as to the reason that Rich did not have Richard at his first appointment for counseling. Our appointments with Tracy Johnston, our parenting coordinator, are also another appointment that Rich has not been attending. Rich has stated to Tracy Johnston and myself that he is too busy to have weekly appointments with her, therefore, Rich will only do bi-weekly appointments and he rarely attends even those appointments. Rich has told Tracy that he is either too busy to attend inShow MoreRelatedWaste Management33554 Words   |  135 Pagesauditor legal liability c a S eS inc lu de d in t hiS Se ction 4 89 99 4.1 Enron Corporation and Andersen, LLP Analyzing the Fall of Two Giants . . . . . . . . . . . 4.2 Comptronix Corporation 4.3 Cendant Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Identifying Inherent Risk and Control Risk Factors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 111 119 127 137 Assessing the Control Environment and Evaluating Risk of Financial Statement Fraud . . . . . . . . .Read MoreReligions and War Essay3499 Words   |  14 Pagesand those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians...and (all) who believe in God and the last day and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.1 How true is this statement and to what extent do religions not fight each other? Unfortunately, looking back at the holy texts of various religions provides no answers. There are elements and contexts in all of them, which can be correlated with both tolerance and intoleranceRead Moreethical decision making16006 Words   |  65 Pagesdisease from a prostitute and infected her. He asked the nurse practitioner if there was any way to avoid sharing this information. When faced with situations like these, it sometimes feels like there are no â€Å"right† answers. What are your reactions to the three ethical dilemmas? What other information would be helpful to know about these situations to make a decision? CHAPTER FOCUS Virtue or Character Ethics Principle-Based Ethics: Developing Moral Rules Utilitarian Theories: Doing the MostRead MoreInternal Control and Fraud Detection in the Banking Industry (a Case Study of Guarantee Trust Bank Plc)11154 Words   |  45 Pagesappreciation goes to all my friends and loved ones: Elahi, Ruth, Shola, Lanke, Ola, Simi, Damola, Godwin, Maimunat, Wale, Aisha, Halimat, Cha-cha, Darlinton, Eddy, Emmanuel, Efe, Tunde, Abubarkar, Elofu, Rotimi, Frances, Ijey, Jacob, kayode, Richard, Simbiat, Sukanmi, for their sincere friendship during these past years. My sincere thanks goes to all graduating accounting students for their peaceful coexistence during our study. By and large to all who contributed to the success of thisRead MoreFraud Triangle15238 Words   |  61 Pages  Chapter 2 Who Commits Fraud and Why I, Dennis Greer, am making this statement on my own, without threat or promises, as to my activities in regard to the activity of kiting between Bank A and Bank B. As of May 19XX, I was having extreme emotional and financial difficulties. For religious reasons, I was required without notice to move out of where I was living, and I had no place to go. Also, my grandmother—the only family member I was close to—was dying. I had to live Read MoreHumanities11870 Words   |  48 Pagesassess for yourself what is good art and what is bad. It is also a good idea to receive formal instruction from a trained art teacher to cut short the learning curve. Ultimately, the key is to build a database of artistic knowledge and awareness for personal understanding. SOURCE: Basa, R., and Garcia F. (2008). Basic Elements of Humanities. Censen Books and Research Center Manila. The mechanics of expression via art work If we show some apples to ten persons, and ask them to tell us whatRead MoreStrategy Safari by Mintzberg71628 Words   |  287 Pagesmanagement needs to be opened up, not closed down; it needs reconciliation among its many different tendencies, not the isolation of each. To enrich the experience of this safari, we hope to follow up with a Guidebook. We have also prepared an Instructor s Manual to facilitate the use of this rather unconventional book in the classroom. We owe many thank-yous. Bob Wallace of The Free Press must be especially singled out. In the musical chairs world of publishing these x EMBARKATION days, to beRead MoreAuditing Cases22626 Words   |  91 Pages$14 million for its first year. As a result, the company employed a series of cost-cutting measures, including layoffs and pay freezes for top executives. Enron also started selling off assets to reduce its debt. Nevertheless, Enron’s financial situation was still bleak in 1987. That year Moody’s downgraded its credit rating to junk bond status.4 Impact of Significant Industry Change on Enron Enron faced significant change in its industry environment due to the government’s decision in the mid-1980sRead MoreProject Managment Case Studies214937 Words   |  860 Pagesdisclaim any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. No warranty may be created or extended by sales representatives orwritten sales materials. The advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for your situation. You should consult with a professional where appropriate. Neither the publisher nor author shall be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damagesRead MorePak Us Relations7976 Words   |  32 Pagesdisputed territory. It is quite evident that any settlement on basis of line of control is not possible as both parties have contradictory views in the matter. III) INDEPENDENT  KASHMIR  OPTION: Over the last 57 years political manipulations, Indian repression, rigging of elections and broken promises has created a sense of alienation among Kashmiri population and they have become more defiant and assertive. The option of Independent Kashmir was not part of the United Nations